Thursday, October 30, 2014

CBRSRADIO Presents NYCC x NYSW + This Good Robot Rock Show

My friends at Comicbook Rockstar Radio had their first event with A Kings County Comics in New York called "The Bootleg New York Comiccon & NY SuperWeek Meta-Dimensional Rock Show" for their pre-NYCC party. This event was hosted by Kurt "KC Christenson the host of Comicbook Rockstar Radio. Also featured was Ginger "Ginzilla" Andersen of The Higher Learning Channel podcast, Arlen Schumer the Silver Age Samurai, Chris Pyrate Arts, and much more!! Check out what you missed out on in the video below!

Don't forget to listen to Comicbook Rockstar Radio
Kurt's Website:
Kurt's Twitter: @KurtChristenson
Kings County Comics FB:

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Evil Ted's Women Worth Following (#FF)

It's Friday and I rarely do a Follow Friday post but believe, you will thank me once you get to know these talented and lovely ladies. Now this was formerly a "Women Crush Wednesday" post but I thought to myself, why wait? These are women that are not only in my life one way or another but that I actually look up to and admire for their work and I couldn't be more proud of them.  

                     Ginger (ginzilla) Andersen aka Akuma Suicide

Ginger is big first pick because she big sister to me. She is not only a gorgeous but knows how to speak her mind very well. When I first met her almost four years ago, I was in a place where I had no idea of what I wanted to do. It wasn't until met her that started me down the path of podcasting. A matter of fact she was there the night I decided to start the idea for The Evil TeddyBear Podcast.

Ginger is also an artist, model, licensed to teach Reiki, and as of recent a podcaster.

Ginger's Info

Twitter: @ginzilla
Instagram: @AkumaSuicide

                                                                Ela Gefen

Ela Gefen is a woman most people would love to get to know mostly because of her heart. When I first met her I was about sixteen or seventeen and having issues just like any other teen would at that age. She was there for me around that time though, even when things got on the crazy side. There were some nights where we would just talk from her window and kinda share a bit.

Now or days she not only does some modeling but some acting and works with beauty products with ALOETTE.

Ela Gefen Info

Twitter: @ElaGefen
Aloette Beauty Website:

                                                          Madison Hall

This year I've met a lot of people and Madison is definitely I've enjoyed getting to know. I met her a few months back but as of recent been getting to know a little more a bout her each time we speak. She is some I definitely look forward to talking to each time and I believe there is more to her than meets the eye. She is passionate and lovely, which is why I think she will go far.

Madison is currently modeling and working on other projects. Her latest project is with Ryan Purcell. Check out the trailer below.

Madison Hall's Info

Modeling Instagram: @madisonhallatlanta
Main Instagram: @madionponce
Twitter: @callmeHarper

                                                                 Mel Meng

One day I was sitting on my computer and I was working on something for the podcast and out of no where I get a few friend request on my Facebook. One of the people who requested me was Mel Meng, turns out that we were both at MomoCon and missed each other but I got a chance to hang with her one night, turns out she is a big gamer. I just loved her energy and her passion for gaming. Also her cosplay is way awesome. If you ever get a chance to meet her then hang with her, she's awesome!

Mel also does a bit of modeling as well and also is now partnered with TWITCH.

Mel Meng Info

Twitter: @SupportOrFeed

                                                               Luna Lanie

Luna is a young woman I had to pleasure of getting lucky enough to have her on the podcast. This is another woman who started to follow me on twitter and I was blown away by not only her beauty but how in love she is with cosplaying. One of the geekest girl I've ever met, she is also a big time gamer and does some streaming on TWITCH as well from time to time. 

Luna does modeling, gaming, cosplay, and much more. I can't wait to find out what she does next!!

Luna Lanie Info

Twitter: @LunaLanieee

All of these ladies I've mentioned in this post please check them out because they are each worth checking out. Their work is pretty good and each one is pretty talented. Maybe one day I'll have them all on The Evil TeddyBear Podcast but until then, just enjoy their work. 

Korey Epps 

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast Ep 121: @ErinFitzgerald /Mortal Komband After Party

This week, I sit down with Erin Fitzgerald as we talk about her acting and A Combat Radio Christmas and why you should donate today! Also I record the after party for my band Mortal Komband!!

Don't forget to donate to "A Combat Radio Christmas" so they can help some kids have a Christmas this year.

Erin Fitzgerald Info 
Twitter: @ErinFitzgerald

Mortal Komband Info

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast 120: Learning High Outside my Comfort Zone

In this episode, I sit down with the Higher Learning Channel crew as we continue our conversation from their podcast on to here. Also I sit down with Laura Saner of Gaming Outside My Comfort Zone as we talk about video games and her show!

Higher Learning Channel Info

Twitter: @LearningHigh
Ginzilla's Website:
Ginzilla's Twitter: @Ginzilla 
Matt's Twitter: @SIGHR_

Gaming Outside My Comfort Zone Info

YouTube Channel:
Twitter: @sexxylaura27

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Monday, September 29, 2014

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast Ep 119: Capps Off to You

(All items talked about on this podcast can be found on by clicking on any link or banner on this site and making a purchase on RedBubble, you will be helping us get commission.)

In this episode we celebrate my new co-host's birthday.

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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Redbubble iPhone 6 Cases... YAY!!

 (All items talked about on this blog can be found on by clicking on any link or banner on this site and making a purchase on RedBubble, you will be helping us get commission.)

Folks the past week or so now Apple has released their new iPhones, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Now of course with a new product comes accessories. has come to me again to me again to talk about their new iPhone 6 cases that they have on their website! So what I did was go on and find a few of my favorite cases that I think would be worth having on you're new phone!!

This first case is called "The Bone Collector" by Conrado Salinas. I really love the imagery of this piece mostly because it looks a bit primal. The background of it matches pretty well with the figure in the foreground. This woman is also beautiful and seeing this picture you kinda wonder to yourself, "Is she real or did he just do this from memory"? Either way he did a great job.

Conrado Salinas Info

23 year old illustrator & designer based in the city of Los Angeles and a proud member of the international art collective, Slashthree.

Find Him and His Work


Now of course this year was the year of Guardians of the Galaxy, and one thing that came out of it was the soundtrack to the movie, "Awesome Mix Vol. 1". Now you can have this awesome mix on your phone case thanks to, "TheCloneClub" on RedBubble. As Marvel fan I really like this a lot, plus I grew up in the 90s where there was still tape players so this reminds me of that time.

TheCloneClub Info

TheCloneClub is run by a girl named "Jess", who is based of out the UK. She is currently a student studying Drama, English Lit, Media and Sociology.

Find Her and Her Work  



This last one I found was pretty freaking intense!! "Kingdom" as it is titled, was done by Ali Gulec. This one throws me in a bit of a hypnotic trance mostly because I can't help but to spot everything you would see in the animal kingdom. I love the use of the colors and the was the skull is made up of animals and plant life.

Ali Gulec Info

Ali is an illustrator and designer based in Istanbul which he is mostly inspired by.
He makes illustrations for worldwide textile brands and many Turkish advertisement agencies.

Find Him and His Work  


Remember that you can find these and more iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases on

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Animated Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Doctor Who

So about a month ago the world became aware of Stephen Byrne and his awesomeness of recreating some of our favorite shows. So far he has done two animations that really blew me away and kinda have wanting to see animated versions of these shows. 

The first on he did was The Animated Adventures Of Doctor Who.


And his latest one right now features the cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer which is titled The Animated Adventures Of Buffy.

Check out more from Stephen Byrne below