Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast Ep 141: The Bolz Returns (w/ Kristopher Bolz)

In this long awaited episode of the podcast, Kristopher Bolz makes his return as we talk a bit about comic book movies/tv shows, drinks, and so much more! (Note: This was recorded on July 13th, 2016).

Don't forget to check out Kris on NerdLanta, which I'm also a part of.

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast: Keeping Our Shirts On w/ @MeowMistiDawn

In this episode Korey is joined again with Misti Dawn as he catches up with her. Misti talks about her love for Make-Up and how she became a Make Up Artist, the future of VR Headsets, Tales from the Crypt, Misti's love for historic shows, and her podcast Keep Your Shirt On

Also as a bonus, a cover of Hukuna Matata from The Lion King sung by Korey.

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Check out her show with Nicole Klepper, Keep Your Shirt On.
Twitter: @KYSOPodcast

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Twitter: @MeowMistiDawn

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Evil Ted Podcast 139 w/ Mo Aoroa

Welcome back to Evil Ted folks.We kick the show off with comedian Mo Arora as we talk Civil War, a few upcoming events for him, comedy, and much more!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Korcast Podcast Bonus EP

Here's an episode of my podcast Korecast in which my little brother and sister do some catching up.
This was recorded at the beginning of the month.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast: The Last One

In this very last episode, former guest and friends say good-bye to Korey and two voices from the past join him saying good-bye. Also at the end of the show Korey covers one of his favorite songs.

Guests Who Said Good-Bye (In Order of Clips)
Dana Swanson (Toonami)
Paul Terry (Big Kids Playground)
Ginger Andersen (Higher Learning, Mongoloids, JoinOMS)
Cassandra Rose (, Rickey, Bibliomantics)
Tim Showers (Artist)
Giovanni Colantonio (DuckSpeak)
                                                      David Matysiak (ROAMtransmissions)
                                                      Tyson Saner (Music Artist/Producer)
                                                      Alexandra Olson (Actress/Singer/Songwriter)
                                                      Betty Page (Adult Entertainer)
                                                      Will Harrison (The Unheard Nerd)
                                                      Aaron James Henderson-Smith (The Angry Oz)
                                                      Josh Rambo (A Lil Punch Drunk)
                                                      Meghan Coles (XXP Gaming)
                                                      Michael Nixon (Geek Crash Course)
                                                      Stephine Erb (Actress) for the poem below

(Music used in this section of the podcast is bought to you by BenSounds. Also Song covered at the end is by Maroon 5)

Goodbye Evil Ted - a poem

Goodbye Evil Ted
Korey’s a nerd
but he’s not dead
He will go on
To do more things,
triumph over evil
and swing on some swings.

Goodbye Evil Ted
We had fun, it’s true.
But life is change
and that is good
so good change will come to you…
Count on it, my friend!
like the Dr on his Tardis
The Sherlock on his Watson,
You are not dead yet,
so go do something awesome.

The end

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Evil TeddyBear Podcast 137: The Eppsisode (Tray Epps)

In this episode filmmaker/ writer Tray Epps hops in the Evil Ted seat.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

The End is Nigh for @EvilTedPod

Okay soo it looks like I have a few things to explain about why I'm leaving Evil Ted. I'm leaving mostly because there's no where to take it. Everything I wanted to do with it I couldn't do and finding a guest each week was starting to become an issue. Also having both co-host be so busy with life stuff, which is understandable, made the show a one man show. This show wasn't intended to be a one man show but a show about two friends who get together each week to talk about movies and every once in a while maybe have a guest or two. Instead it turned into me stressing over who I should have on week after week after week. I mean there were people who I wanted on and they just said flat out no or didn't even respond to me, which to those people who didn't respond rude much?! I mean the people saying no I get but come on show some kind of sigh that you have manners. Sorry... sorry... its a thing with me... sorry...

Anyway, just because I'm ending this show doesn't mean I'm done with podcasting. I'm still going to be working on ReRunz and Mongoloids... as soon as everyone has their house together. I still want to do the whole having guest on whatever next show I do but right now I need a break, I need my friends, and I need my family to help me find my next path in life.

What really sucks about me ending this show is the fact that I never got to finish my list of guest I wanted on Evil Ted or even do a live stage show like I wanted to at the beginning. That was one of my biggest dreams for this show and I never got to do it. Oh well, sometimes dreams don't come true.

Anyway listen out for the last two episodes of The Evil TeddyBear Podcast soon. One this week and one the next.

Your Friend,

Korey Epps